Coffee Break

April 27th, 2010 by in Links

Police Seize Gizmodo Writer¬† Jason Chen’s Computers Over Leaked iPhone Article – [Gizmodo]

If You Bought Apple Stock Instead Of Apple Products – [Kyle Conroy]

Tailgating Insider Info By Fans For Fans – [Tailgate Wiki]

Creators of “Everybody Draw Muhammad Day” Succumb To Terrorism, Claim They Don’t Want Anything To Do With It – [LA Times]

5 Unknown Schmucks Who Turned Into Superheroes in the Clutch – [Cracked]

Boobquake 2010 Caused An Earthquake (And Not Just In My Pants), Iranian Cleric Shits Himself With Happiness – [Gawker]

The 9 Most Annoying People At Starbucks – [Holy Taco]