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May 4th, 2010 by in Links

How To Tell Which Brendan Fraser Movie You’re Watching (Flowchart) – [NextRound]

Unnecessary Movie Sequels We’d Probably Still Watch – [College Humor]

An Infographical Attempt To Put The Awesomeness Of Goats Into Words – [Imgur]

6 People You’ve Never Heard Of Who Probably Saved Your Life – [Cracked]

British Sniper Sets New World Record, Kills Taliban Members From 1.54 Miles Away – [NY Post] (Via)

Twitter Launches Embeddable Tweets – [Huff Post]

Capturing Conflict: The History Of War, As Told Through Iconic War Photographs – [Newsweek]

Pic: Banksy’s 7th Work Spotted In San Fran