"Nah baby, this is my place, I'm just letting my Mom stay here a while."

It’s starting to look like the Topi Antelope might be closer to humans than we thought.  From Science Daily:

The study of topi antelopes in Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve Park found that male antelopes snort and look intently ahead if an ovulating female begins to stray from their territory. This type of behaviour suggests to the female that there is predator danger ahead.

When scientists examined the behaviour closely they discovered that the male antelope’s snort and intent look were a false call made to keep the female in his vicinity and there was no danger nearby. Rather than risk any danger of a predator the female stays within the male antelope’s territory, which increases his chances of mating with her.

The other species in the animal kingdom need to get with the program, because this shit works.  Humans lie all the time to get laid.  Just the other day I was telling this female my Lexus was in the shop and that’s why we were driving around in a 98′ Toyota Sienna.  Turns out, ladies of the night just want you to park the damn thing somewhere private and don’t really give a shit what kind of vehicle it is as long as you have the money.  You live and you learn I guess.

H/T to Guyism for the article.