Lunch Break

June 25th, 2010 by in Links

Male Birth Control Pill Shows Promise In Early Tests – [Pop Sci]

The 6 Most Embarrassing Police Screw Ups – [Gunaxin]

Strasburg Autographed Rookie Card Going For A Million On Ebay – [Asylum]

Top 10 Theories About The Lost City Of Atlantis – [Top Tenz]

Dan Telfer Thinks Your Favorite Dinosaur Is Terrible – [Videosift]

The Origin Of The Word “Soccer” – [Today I Found Out]

Notorious Jamaican Gang Leader Christopher Coke Finally Arrested…Dressed Like A Woman – [NY Times]

Who’s Crazier? iPhone Campers vs. Twilight Campers – [Best Week Ever]

.xxx Domain Approved – [BBC]

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