“Ripple Effect Tea Table” by Korean industrial designer Jeonghwa Seo and Hanna Chung is a reflection of eastern mentality towards social relationships.

From the product site:

Easterners commonly believe that small changes of individual person or objects can be a big impact on the whole, which lead them to modest and totalitarian social culture. This social tendency, which described as a ‘ripple effect’ in psychological term, here in translated into tea ceremony.

The water layer on the tabletop makes the ripples by the movements of users. Tea plate floats on the water while drinking tea. One’s action can cause an impact on the whole situation on this table.

Through this project we wanted to emphasize the importance of considering mentality, when designers deal with culture as a context of design. Considering the cultural psychology will provide deeper understanding of each other’s culture in the globalized world.

HannaSeo | Via