Lunch Break

November 12th, 2010 by in Links

Sorry.  DMV this morning.  You know how that goes…

November 18:  “Have Sex With a Guy With a Mustache’ Day” – [Asylum]

Meet The Volvo-Driving Racist Mailman Harasser[Gawker]

Update: 4Chan’s On The Case

41 Jiggling “Jessica” (Biel, Alba, Simpson) Animated GIFs – [COED]

Facebook’s Gmail Killer, Project Titan, Is Coming On Monday (No Thanks) – [TechCrunch]

America, Mapped By Television Shows [Joe My God]

The IKEA MANual[Cool Material]

How The Big 12 Schools Got Their Nicknames – [Mental Floss]

Veteran’s Day 2010[The Big Picture]

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