I’d like to preface these reviews by stating that I am a huge Archer fan, so they will be extremely biased.  I’ll do my best to remain objective, but I won’t be.  I’d also like to state that I’m not much of a writer so these aren’t going to be very good.  Finally, I know you don’t come here to read my opinions (or read in general), so I’ll keep this short.

The extremely-too-short first season of Archer set an extremely high bar for me.  Each episode could stand on its own, while inside jokes were peppered throughout the season to provide continuity to dedicated viewers.

The first episode of the second season seemed slightly tame compared to some of the shock value provided by last season, yet still found a way to remain fresh and entertaining.  It was almost like the writers were trying to ease us back into the ridiculous world of ISIS (don’t worry, they turn it up in the next couple of episodes).  That being said, the witty banter, inside jokes, and distinctive animation style are all still there, accompanying the fantastic cast in yet another mission that has the potential to save their dysfunctional spy agency.

Archer continues to appear incompetent while enforcing his reputation as the world’s most formidable secret agent by pulling off acts of badassery that are a mixture of pure luck and exceptional skill.  I haven’t loved an animated character this much since South Park’s Randy Marsh.  H. Jon Benjamin and the rest of the cast continue to play off each other well with brilliant comedic timing and fantastic delivery.  It’s rare to find an animated show this raunchy and hilarious without it seeming like the show is reaching (like this season of Family Guy).  If you’re an Archer fan, the season premiere should appease your appetite.  If you’re not, you’re stupid.

Archer’s season premiere is on tonight at 10pm on FX.