Fallout: Nuka Break

January 25th, 2011 by in Nerdy Sh*t, Videos

The fan films are coming out of the wood work and taking it to Hollywood this week, and that’s fine by me.  The latest is a Fallout-inspired fan film by Julian Higgins & Zack Finfrock.

From Wayside Creations:

Join Twig (Zack Finfrock), a former Vault 10 Dweller, as he searches the barren wasteland of eastern California for ice-cold Nuka Cola. Along for the ride is Ben (Aaron Giles), a radiation-ravaged ghoul, and Scarlett (Tybee Diskin), a sexy former slave. Together, the three attempt to survive both the harsh wastes and a relentless group of bounty hunters while trying to find the coveted beverage — Nuka Cola.

Fallout: Nuka Break | Thanks Jeri.

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