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From Kotaku:

We call the 24-hour cycle that exists inside all living things on the planet the circadian rhythm. This rhythm can be seen in our sleeping and eating patterns, in cell regeneration, and our reactions to the cycling of day and night. The rhythm is present in every cell of every living thing.

A popular theory was that the rhythms originated in DNA. A study at the Institute of Metabolic Science at the University of Cambridge has blown that idea out of the water by identifying evidence of 24-hour rhythms in red blood cells. See, red blood cells don’t contain DNA, so DNA definitely isn’t the source of our internal clocks.

For the study, the scientists, funded by the Wellcome Trust, incubated purified red blood cells from healthy volunteers in the dark and at body temperature, and sampled them at regular intervals for several days. They then examined the levels of biochemical markers – proteins called peroxiredoxins – that are produced in high levels in blood and found that they underwent a 24-hour cycle. Peroxiredoxins are found in virtually all known organisms.

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