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Redditor Wingspantt‘s aunt asked him to help her take down the wallpaper in her apartment, which is located in the 13th arrondissement of Paris.  In the process, they were shocked to discover this giant note scrawled on the wall by the previous tenant to his daughter and her mother.  The translation efforts of the Reddit community reveal some of the text to read:

Dorine : here is your father at work, crappy job, yes my child. Life as decided that it would be this way for me, i am not entitled to the happiness I was looking forward to, I who thought that your mother loved me.

One day you will understand, my dear child, that I could have watch you grow old, and that the savage behaviour of your mother prevented me to do so. And to think that I created Getravim so that one day i could be home every night, but your mother didn’t understand the subtility of the game. I leave, I don’t know where, but I promise with all my heart that I will come to see you very often (If the Vignolles agree with that !!)

I feel really tired and want to sleep well. Maybe this way I will always remain close to you, my dear child. You have to understand that stoping this relationship has become necessary for me, because your mother is insane and lives the way she is. Dorine I love you

The mystery of the writer’s identity and who this note was intended for is unfolding in the Reddit thread, and (as always) it’s really fascinating to watch the community go to work on this.  Some of what they’ve been able to uncover so far:

  • The daughter’s name is Dorine.
  • The wife/mother was named Annie.
  • The writer lived in 13th arrondissement of Paris (around or before 1995)
  • The aunt’s neighbor said the father/tenant was a cartoonist (most likely in Paris as this was before internet was popular), but could have also been a writer or someone who wears scuba gear

The search for the writer and Dorine continues here, with the goal of being able to show Dorine the note her father left behind.