Out Of Office

March 16th, 2011 by in Links

Doing this early since I’m going home after the 2 hour meeting I’m about to step into.

U.S. Calls Radiation “Extremely High”; Urges Deeper Caution In Japan – [NY Times]

Related: Cooling Water From One Of The Spent Fuel Pools Gone; Meltdown Imminent[Daily Mail]

Anonymous Backs “Zangief Kid” Casey Heynes- [Urlesque]

President Obama Picks Kansas In 2011 Bracket – [ESPN]

6 Real World Jedi Mind Tricks Salesmen Are Using On You[Cracked]

If You Watch It Backwards…[IYWIB] (via)

The Situation’s Awful ‘Jokes’ Comedy Central Wouldn’t Air[Gawker]

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