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May 24th, 2011 by in Images, Links

6 Civil War Myths Everyone Believes (That Are Total B.S.) – [Cracked]

Ten Commencement Speakers You Wish You’d Had – [GOOD]

8 Brilliant Beer Apps[Cool Material]

Red Bull’s Billionaire Maniac[Business Week]

Little known outside of his native Austria, Dietrich Mateschitz is one of the most successful entrepreneurs of our age, a man who single-handedly changed the landscape of the beverage industry by creating not just a new brand but a whole new category: the energy drink.

Blackjack Master Beats Atlantic City For $15 Million [Gawker]

Since last December, some dude named Don Johnson from Pennsylvania has been single-handedly beating the crap out of Atlantic City casinos. So far he’s won over $15 million from just three: Borgata, Tropicana, and Caesars Palace.

Twitter Acquires Tweetdeck[CNN Money]

Twitter has acquired TweetDeck, an application for organizing the display of tweets, for more than $40 million in a mix of cash and stock, according to sources close to the deal.

Wikipedia And The Death Of The Expert[The Awl]

Wikipedia is forcing us to confront the paradox inherent in the idea of learners as “doers, not recipients.” If learners are indeed doers and not recipients, from whom are they learning? From one another, it appears; same as it ever was.

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