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May 26th, 2011 by in Images, Links

If Movies Were Realistic[Cracked]

The 8 Craziest (Real) Secret Service Overreactions – [Ranker]

The Cartoon Guide To Surviving A Nuclear Bomb Test[The Atlantic] (via)

As the AEC prepared for a Operation Teapot, a series of fourteen nuclear tests, in the first half of 1955, the commission and other government agencies began receiving substantial push-back from local communities. Residents in Nevada, Utah, and California expressed discomfort with atomic weapons being detonated in such close proximity to populated areas, i.e. themselves.

In response to widespread complaints, the AEC distributed an extensive booklet outlining the procedures and dangers to those who might be affected by the atmospheric nuclear weapon tests scheduled for the spring.

Google Unveils Google Wallet And Google Offers[Gizmodo]

“Your phone will be your wallet.” That’s what Google’s promising with Google Wallet and Google Offers, which will combine payments and deals in one convenient Google-y package.

Peter Thiel Will Pay You $100,000 Not To Go To College[Mogulite]

Legendary early stage tech investor Peter Thiel, who gave Facebook its first major investment, thought it’d be a good idea for young aspiring moguls to follow in those footsteps. So he’s giving kids under the age of 20 $100,000 if they’ll drop out of college (or, in one case, the fourth year of a PhD program) and get to work on their start-ups.

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