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June 27th, 2011 by in Images, Links

5 Movie Fan Theories That Make More Sense Than the Movie – [Cracked]

LulzSec Calls It Quits, Anonymous Takes Over – [Boing Boing]

As noted on Boing Boing over the weekend, LulzSec has called it quits, amid increasing efforts by the FBI and other agencies to track them down—and amid a steady stream of doxing and leaked IRC logs by hacker foes. One LulzSec member told the AP they weren’t quitting because of pressure from law enforcement, but because they were “bored.”

Google Notches One Billion Unique Visitors Per Month – [WSJ]

Google’s websites had more than a billion unique visitors in May, the first time an Internet company has hit that benchmark, according to comScore data released Tuesday.

Over the past year, Google’s unique visitors per month have increased 8.4% to just over one billion. During the same period, Microsoft maintained the No. 2 position with 905 million unique visitors in May, up around 15%, while Facebook’s count surged by 30% to about 714 million visitors. In May, Yahoo saw 689 million visitors, up 10.8% over the past year, though it was surpassed by Facebook in October.

Why Are Text Messages Marked Up 7314%?[Consumerist]

Verizon and other cellphone companies mark up the cost of text messages by at least 7314% when compared to their rates for data transfer services.

North Korean Children Begging, Army Starving – [The ABC]

Footage shot inside North Korea and obtained by the ABC has revealed the extent of chronic food shortages and malnutrition inside the secretive state.

The video is some of the most revealing footage ever smuggled out of the impoverished North Korean state.

Shot over several months by an undercover North Korean journalist, the harrowing footage shows images of filthy, homeless and orphaned children begging for food and soldiers demanding bribes.