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June 6th, 2011 by in Images, Links

TIME’s Best Blogs Of 2011[TIME]

10 More Things You Ought To Know[Listverse]

Everything You Wanted To Know About iCloud[Geekosystem]

iCloud will take the place of the computer at the center of the so-called “digital lifestyle,” moving all our valuable data seamlessly between the devices we used to access it. Jobs stressed that iCloud is not an online drive for storage, but outlined a system that pushes and pulls data between all devices, including computers.

Rep. Anthony Weiner: “The Picture Was of Me and I Sent It” – [ABC News]

Rep. Anthony Weiner of New York said today he has engaged in “several inappropriate” electronic relationships with six women over three years, and that he publicly lied about a photo of himself sent over Twitter to a college student in Seattle over a week ago.

Uncovering the Truth: Why Women “Fake It”[LiveScience]

Women’s fake screams of ecstasy in bed may have less to do with trying to protect the sensitive egos of their partners, and more to do with a gal’s own personal insecurities and fear of intimacy, new research suggests.

E. coli Outbreak In Europe (Photos) – [The Big Picture]

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