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June 20th, 2011 by in Images, Links

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The 30 Harshest Author-On-Author Insults In History – [Flavorwire]

Man Robs Bank Of $1 For Free Healthcare In Jail – [WBLZ2] (via)

That’s right James Verone says he has no medical insurance. He has a growth of some sort on his chest, two ruptured disks and a problem with his left foot. He is 59-years old and with no job and a depleted bank account. He thought jail was the best place he could go for medical care and a roof over his head.

Verone is hoping for a three year sentence.

Pitchfork Interviews Louis C.K. – [Pitchfork]

Louis C.K. opens his 2010 stand-up comedy film Hilarious by reminding his audience of their mortality. “You’re all going to die,” he tells them. “And then you’re going to be dead for way longer than you’re going to be alive. That’s mostly what you’re going to be. You’re just dead people that didn’t die yet.” That he can get a laugh out of such bleak material– and the audience does laugh heartily– is due to his precise timing, genial stage presence, and a starkly honest style that blends relentless self-deprecation with a genuine sense of wonder at the world.

We spoke with the comic on a weekday morning, and he talked about offending people, surviving in comedy, and why he’s “just like yeast.”

Lulzsec and Anonymous Declare Open War Against Fat Cats – [Gizmodo]

Lulzsec and Anonymoushave just declared full open war against all governments, banks and big corporations in the world. They are calling all hackers in the world to unite. Their objective is to fully expose all corruption and dark secrets.

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