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June 23rd, 2011 by in Images, Links

The Best Of Pop Culture Troll Quotes[Uproxx]

7 Deadliest Arrow Poisons On Earth – [Environmental Graffiti] (via)

Van Gogh Museum: Van Gogh Self-Portrait Might Actually Be Brother Theo[Telegraph]

The Van Gogh Museum said on Tuesday its experts now believe one of Vincent van Gogh’s paintings previously thought to be a self-portrait actually depicts his brother, Theo.

If true, it would be the only known painting of Theo, although Vincent made several sketches of his brother, who supported him financially and was his lifelong confidant and friend.

How to Make a Clock Run For 10,000 Years [Wired]

The rich man is Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos, and he has indeed started construction on a clock that he hopes will run for 10,000 years.

For Bezos, the founder of Amazon.com, the clock is not just the ultimate prestige timepiece. It’s a symbol of the power of long-term thinking. His hope is that building it will change the way humanity thinks about time, encouraging our distant descendants to take a longer view than we have.

Reps. Barney Frank and Ron Paul Jointly Introduce Bill To End Federal War On Marijuana [The Daily What]

Reps. Barney Frank (D-MA) and Ron Paul (R-TX) introduced a bill today that would amend the government’s Controlled Substances Act to remove all federal penalties for the production, distribution, and possession of marijuana, effectively striking down its classification as a scheduled drug.

Summer Solstice: 2011 (Photos) – [The Atlantic]

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