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July 21st, 2011 by in Images, Links

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8 Facts About Smurfs That Are Actually Kind of Interesting – [Topless Robot]

Creative Types Are Full Of Themselves, Study Confirms – [MSNBC]

You might know some extremely creative people who are anything but humble about their talents — the full-of-himself actor, the self-important artist, the vain musician, the pompous writer or — possibly most annoying of all — the insufferable ad agency creative type (Think Don Draper from “Mad Men”).

A new study reveals there may be a kernel of truth to these cultural stereotypes.

Anonymous Claims To Have Hacked NATO[The Next Web]

By way of evidence of the hack, the group has released two PDF documents, appearing to have Restricted security status. Hosted at PDFcast.org, one document appears to date from 2007 and relates to ‘CIS Support for a New Joint HQ ISAF Joint CIS Control Centre’. The other link tweeted by Anonymous is currently returning a database error when followed, although a screenshot posted by Blottr indicates that it relates to ‘Outsourcing Balkans CIS Support’.

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