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August 8th, 2011 by in Images, Links

6 Famously Terrible Movies That Were Almost Awesome – [Cracked]

The Best Of #TomHaverford [Uproxx]

Anonymous Hacks Syrian Ministry of Defense Website – [The Atlantic Wire]

Hacking group Anonymous has taken over the website for the¬†Syrian Ministry of Defense as of midnight Sunday evening. Friday evening the group hacked the websites and emails of over¬†70 police forces across the U.S. The website shows a mock up Anonymous’ logo of the faceless man in a suit in the middle of the Syrian flag

Secrets To A Successful Fake Twitter Character[Fast Company]

To do it right is like being a method actor: You have to get inside the head of a famous person but with a twist; the post has to be funny and insightful. It isn’t easy and Twitter is littered with failures.

Is Foursquare’s Dennis Crowley the Pied Piper of Silicon Alley?[Adage]

Mr. Crowley, 35, who stands a few inches shy of six feet, is partial to T-shirts and jeans, and his floppy haircut drapes over his sweetly gnomish face, altogether lending to his air of friendliness. According to friends (and Foursquare), he also likes to go out — a lot. He prefers the fried pork chop at Brooklyn eatery Buttermilk Channel. He plays skeeball at Ace Bar. He does a summer share with friends in Montauk where he surfs but stopped recently after encountering a shark. “Very freaky,” he said. He plays soccer in a pick-up league and has recently taken to training for a triathlon. He has 539 friends on Foursquare, and given his prolific hand at building friendships, chances are they’re all palpably real. He’s a shy but garrulous beast, an “intensely social icon,” according to Frank Lantz, a professor and entrepreneur with whom Mr. Crowley had worked with. “He wants to meet up with his friends on the spur of the moment and have drinks and have fun and that’s what he’s motivated by,” he said. “Crowley wants to be surrounded by people. It’s, ‘Hey what’s going on tonight? I don’t know, let’s check in with Dens.’ Crowley was always well provisioned for social events.”

London Riots (Photos) – [The Big Picture]

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