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August 15th, 2011 by in Images, Links

Which Movie Will Help You Alleviate Your White Guilt? (Flowchart) – [GOOD]

10 Actors Who Have Played Identical Twins[BuzzFeed]

Kanye West Hanging Out With White People[Kanye With White People]

More Than 70 Killed In Attacks Across Iraq[Washington Post]

More than 70 people were killed and dozens more were wounded Monday in a string of violent attacks around Iraq, one of the deadliest days in the country so far this year, police and government officials said.

In the worst incident, two bombs exploded in a busy market in the city center of Kut, killing at least 37 and injuring more than 50.

Groupon’s “Startling” Reversal Of Fortune[The Week]

In early June, Groupon filed paperwork to go public, reporting operating income of $60.6 million for 2010 and $81.6 million for the first quarter of this year. Then on Wednesday, the daily deals darling revised its earlier filing, following criticism that it used some rather unusual accounting practices to avoid mentioning the tremendous costs it had incurred building its base of subscribers. With those pesky expenses taken into account, the company reported a $420 million loss for 2010 and a $117.1 million loss for the first quarter of 2011. In the second quarter of 2011, Groupon had a record $878 million in sales but still lost $102.7 million. Does this “startling turnabout” spell doom for Groupon’s IPO, which had been expected to raise $750 million and value the company at $30 billion?

Google To Acquire Motorola Mobility For $12.5 Billion – [Google Blog]

Since its launch in November 2007, Android has not only dramatically increased consumer choice but also improved the entire mobile experience for users. Today, more than 150 million Android devices have been activated worldwide—with over 550,000 devices now lit up every day—through a network of about 39 manufacturers and 231 carriers in 123 countries. Given Android’s phenomenal success, we are always looking for new ways to supercharge the Android ecosystem. That is why I am so excited today to announce that we have agreed toacquire Motorola.

Batman Villains Psychoanalyzed By Mental Health Experts – [Huff Post]

Bender uses the example of the Joker, the most famous Batman villain, as a character who has incorrectly been called “psychotic” many times throughout Batman’s 72-year history.

“Someone who is ‘psychotic’ is experiencing symptoms of psychosis, a mental disorder, which can include auditory hallucinations, such as hearing voices; visual hallucinations, where they see objects that are not truly there; or have delusional thoughts, despite evidence to show that such beliefs are incorrect — such as believing that one’s movements are being tracked by deep space satellites — or disorganized behavior,” Bender said. “In the vast majority of depictions, the Joker is not experiencing such symptoms; rather, the Joker has shown symptoms of psychopathy.”

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