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August 19th, 2011 by in Images, Links

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Dave Chappelle Hasn’t Turned On Us. We’ve Turned On Him – [NPR]

The thing is, whenever Chappelle comes out of hiding these days, he’s met with scorn and derision, or worse, an audience that doesn’t understand him. He’s heckled mercilessly at the comedy clubs where he dares show his face. He’s still a show business pariah for quitting Chappelle’s Show. And when he takes the rather bold and entirely unexpected step of granting a public interview to explain his side of the story, the deejays who talk to him have the nerve to assume he wants to hear tasteless jokes about Alicia Keys.

13-Year-Old Makes Solar Power Breakthrough by Harnessing the Fibonacci Sequence – [Inhabitat]

While most 13-year-olds spend their free time playing video games or cruising Facebook, one 7th grader was trekking through the woods uncovering a mystery of science. After studying how trees branch in a very specific way, Aidan Dwyer created a solar cell tree that produces 20-50% more power than a uniform array of photovoltaic panels. His impressive results show that using a specific formula for distributing solar cells can drastically improve energy generation. The study earned Aidan a provisional U.S patent – it’s a rare find in the field of technology and a fantastic example of how biomimicry can drastically improve design.

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