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August 25th, 2011 by in Images, Links

The 5 Creepiest Ways Animals Have Mastered Mind Control[Cracked]

10 Unusual Restaurants Found Around the World – [Mental Floss]

The Men Who Fired Steve Jobs: Where Are They Now? – [The Daily Beast]

Warren Buffett To Invest $5 billion In Bank Of America[Reuters]

Warren Buffett will invest $5 billion in Bank of America, stepping in to shore up the largest bank in the United States in the same way he helped prop up Goldman Sachs and General Electric during the financial crisis.

Bank of America shares rose 12.3 percent to $7.85, erasing some part of the stock’s August losses. The jump also makes the warrants for Bank of America shares that Buffett gets in the┬ádeal instantly profitable.

Understanding 9/11: A Television News Archive – [Internet Archive]

The 9/11 Television News Archive is a library of news coverage of the events of 9/11/2001 and their aftermath as presented by U.S. and international broadcasters. A resource for scholars, journalists, and the public, it presents one week of news broadcasts for study, research and analysis.

Television is our pre-eminent medium of information, entertainment and persuasion, but until now it has not been a medium of record. This Archive attempts to address this gap by making TV news coverage of this critical week in September 2001 available to those studying these events and their treatment in the media.