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August 26th, 2011 by in Images, Links

6 People Who Single Handedly Screwed Entire Economies[Cracked]

The Lost Roles Of Paul Rudd[SplitSider]

A Comprehensive Hurricane Irene News Update[The Daily What]

The Retired Steve Jobs Advice Meme[Slacktory]

Mexico Gunmen Set Casino On Fire, Killing At Least 53 – [LA Times]

Gunmen stormed a crowded casino in northern Mexico on Thursday and ignited a fire that trapped patrons inside, killing at least 53 people in what the nation’s president called an “aberrant act of terror.”

The attack on the Casino Royale was the latest bout of spectacular violence in Monterrey, an industrial hub that is Mexico’s third-largest city. For more than a year, the city has been the setting for a brutal turf war between rival drug-trafficking gangs that at times have held gunfights on downtown streets in broad daylight.

The Real Musicians Behind Film And TV’s Fake Bands[Flavorwire]

No matter how much we love them, there comes a time when we must face up to the sad reality of film and TV’s fictional bands: They don’t write their own songs. It just isn’t possible. They aren’t real. Solace, however, can be found in the surprising little-known facts that accompany these fake jams. Many of them, for instance, were written and recorded by actual bands long before they became hits for your favorite faux ensembles, while others were simply ghostwritten by artists you probably know.

Coordinated Multinational ATM Fraud Nets $13M In One Night[Boing Boing]

Crooks who compromised Fidelity National Information Services’s prepaid debit card database were able to draw out $13 million in one night, working with co-conspirators in several countries in one weekend night, after the banks had closed.

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