August 11th, 2011 by in Politics, Videos

The second ad paid for by the Colbert Super PAC:

Colbert Super PAC released its second TV ad in advance of the Ames Iowa Straw Poll in support of Texas Governor Rick Parry, who is not running. The commercial, entitled “Behind the Green Corn” scolds outside Super PACs for airing ads with graphic footage of uncensored corn-shucking.

“I’ve never been to Iowa, and have no plans to go,” said Stephen Colbert, President and Summer Intern of Colbert Super PAC. “But I know that Iowans are good, wholesome people who will not be swayed by these outside groups’ underhanded tactics. They would much rather be swayed our overhanded tactics. That’s why our new ad features not just corn shucking, but ear-sizzling, hot buttered, below-the-corn-belt action that appeals to Iowans’ basest kernel instincts.”

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