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September 27th, 2011 by in Images, Links

5 Common Crime Fighting Tactics (Statistics Say Don’t Work) – [Cracked]

17 Banned Books You Read As A Child – [BuzzFeed]

Sketch Etymology: How Your Favorite Sketch Groups Got Their Names[SplitSider]

Like McSweeney’s articles and Non-Governmental Organizations, the names of sketch groups often run the gamut from hyper-literal to the impossibly esoteric. If a group is successful, it can define its name so that people just think of them when they hear it. After all, what’s a Monty Python if not Britain’s greatest sketch group? But all these names, no matter how strange, came from somewhere.

Facebook Fixes Logout Issue, Explains Cookies – [Nik Cubrilovic]

I wrote a post two days ago about privacy issues with the Facebook logout procedure which could lead to your subsequent web requests to third-party sites that integrate Facebook widgets being identifiable and linked back to your real account. Over the course of the past 48 hours since that post was published we have researched the issue further and have been in constant contact with Facebook on working out solutions and clarifying behavior on the site.

My goal was to both identify bugs in the logout process and see that they are fixed, and to communicate with Facebook in getting some of the unanswered questions answered so that the Facebook using public can be informed of how cookies are used on the site – especially with regard to third-party requests.

In summary, Facebook has made changes to the logout process and they have explained each part of the process and the cookies that the site uses in detail.

Can the NYPD Shoot Down a Plane? Kinda, Sorta, Not Exactly. – [Wired]

Last night, New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly made a startling claim: that the NYPD has “some means to take down a plane,” in the event of another terror attack.

But don’t let your imagination run too wild: There’s no stealth jet emerging from 1 Police Plaza; there are no anti-aircraft missiles mounted on the top on the Williamsburg Bank. Kelly’s talking about a simple sniper rifle, which an NYPD helicopter crew could carry into the air and target the engines of a plane. A small plane, I’m guessing.

Tattoos And Their Owners (Photos) – [In Focus]