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October 26th, 2011 by in Images, Links

6 Scary Tricks That Amazed Us as Kids (Explained by Science) – [Cracked]

Harder Than You Think: Halloween Or Williamsburg[Tumblr]

Need A Cheap Costume? Dozens Of Downloadable Masks[Super Punch]

“We’re A Culture, Not A Costume.” Is Now A Meme[Know Your Meme]

How Revolutionary Tools Cracked a 1700s Code[NY Times]

It has been more than six decades since Warren Weaver, a pioneer in automated language translation, suggested applying code-breaking techniques to the challenge of interpreting a foreign language.

Now a team of Swedish and American linguists has applied statistics-based translation techniques to crack one of the most stubborn of codes: the Copiale Cipher, a hand-lettered 105-page manuscript that appears to date from the late 18th century.

Will Ferrell Given This Year’s Mark Twain Prize For Humor[TIME]

On Sunday night, Will Ferrell took to the red carpet inside Washington D.C.’s Kennedy Center dressed in a lush blue velvet jacket, complete with velvet bow tie and pocket square. He had arrived to become the 14th recipient of the Mark Twain Prize for Humor, an honor reserved for only the most hilarious Americans.

When asked if there was anything he was still dying to accomplish, Ferrell answered plainly. “I’m still hoping to start my own Kabuki dinner theater chain,” he said. “Because everyone loves Kabuki, and everyone loves dinner theater. Put those together. Look out. Done.”

Strawberries Protect The Stomach From Alcohol – [Medical Xpress]

In an experiment on rats, European researchers have proved that eating strawberries reduces the harm that alcohol can cause to the stomach mucous membrane. Published in the open access journal Plos One, the study may contribute to improving the treatment of stomach ulcers.

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