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November 3rd, 2011 by in Images, Links

5 Backup Plans That Would Have Changed Modern History[Cracked]

Meme Watch: Geek Squad Gus[Uproxx]

Angry Birds Hits 500 Million Game Downloads Worldwide – [Business Insider]

Rovio just announced that its golden egg mobile game Angry Birds just passed 500M game downloads worldwide, making it one of the most downloaded games in history.

Angry Birds players amass 300 million minutes of playing time each day, Rovio added.

Survey: Listening to Nickelback Won’t Get You a Date[NewsFeed]

They say there’s no accounting for taste, but no one can say Tastebuds.fm didn’t try.

The free dating website for music fans conducted a survey among site users to determine what musical act was the biggest turnoff, and the “winner” was no real surprise: oft-reviled Canadian band Nickelback.

Each user was allowed to specify up to 12 musicians that would kill the mood or any romantic prospects. Nearly 13% of respondents named Nickelback as their least favorite act, with fellow Canadian Justin Bieber trailing close behind. Other non-Canadian acts, such as Lady Gaga and Coldplay, made appearances on the list.

Mustaches Vs. Crime: The Infographic – [NextRound]

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