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November 10th, 2011 by in Images, Links

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Eddie Murphy Drops Out As Oscars Host, Brian Grazer To Produce – [/Film]

Earlier today, Eddie Murphy dropped out of his Oscar-hosting job after his Tower Heist director Brett Ratner resigned from his Oscar-producing gig. But if the Academy has things their way, Murphy may return yet. Producer Brian Grazer has been tapped to replace Ratner as the new Oscar producer, and apparently his first job will be to get Murphy back.

Students Protest Tuition Hikes In London[NewsFeed]

On Wednesday, thousands of students and supporters marched in protest of education cuts and tuition hikes for England’s universities. Supported by the Occupy London movement, it was originally thought that 10,000 people would turn up to protest. (Estimates suggest that around half that number turned up.) Around midday the students gathered in central London, near the University of London and began marching through the city’s streets with placards and megaphones.

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