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December 7th, 2011 by in Images, Links

5 Insane Doctors From History Who Put House to Shame – [Cracked]

Random Cat Gifs + Random Music[Procatinator] (You’re welcome)

The 90 Best Tumblr Blogs Of 2011 – [BuzzFeed]

The Internet’s Best 404 Pages[Gizmodo]

Historical Events Reported By Perez Hilton[Perez Hamilton]

Dog People vs. Cat People: The Surprising Differences – [Yahoo]

Hunch.com recently polled more than 200,000 pet owners to find out if they were dog people or cat people. The site then crossed those responses with lifestyle surveys and arrived at the following conclusions.

Forbidden Island, U.S.A.[Neatorama]

If you’ve ever visited the Hawaiian islands, you may already know that one of them, Niihau, west of Kauai, is off-limits to outsiders. Here’s the story of how that came to be, and what life on the island is like today.

2011: The Year in Photos, Part 1 of 3 – [In Focus]

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