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January 3rd, 2012 by in Images, Links

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Anonymous 101: Introduction to the Lulz – [Wired]

They’ve created law enforcement excitement that’s verged on panic, given net and media pundits hyperbolic logorrhea about “cyber terrorism” and “cyber freedom”, and happily skipped between damn funny, deeply disturbing, and self-aggrandizing, depending on the mood of the hive mind at the moment.

But what is Anonymous?

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Why Studios Need to Slash Extravagant Star Perk Packages[Vulture]

Many studio executives think perks aren’t worth fighting over, and they’re mistaken. I’ve heard of perk packages exceeding $2 million for one actor on one film. That may be a small percentage of the $20 million that that actor was probably paid to do the movie, but none of that money is translated into what the audience sees. And when you apply that same line item to an entire slate of movies, some of which have multiple stars in the cast, the year’s total can equal the entire cost of one additional, modestly budgeted film. Just as importantly, these perks are decadent and wasteful at a time when decadence and waste should really be reined in.