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January 10th, 2012 by in Images, Links

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Iran Sentences American To Death In Spy Case – [CNN]

Iran has sentenced an American ex-Marine to death, accusing him of espionage.

A court convicted Amir Mirzaei Hekmati of “working for an enemy country,” as well as membership in the CIA and “efforts to accuse Iran of involvement in terrorism,” the semi-official Fars news agency reported Monday.

Hekmati’s family and the U.S. government deny the allegations.

Picasso Works Stolen From Greece’s Largest Art Museum – [ABC News]

Thieves executed a brazen early-morning burglary of Greece’s largest art museum Monday, making off with three works, including one by the 20th-century master Pablo Picasso.

The heist was successful thanks to a combination of planning, patience and timing, officials said. Alarms were intentionally set off numerous times Sunday, leading the guards to disable at least one of the alarms, providing the thieves easy entrance through a balcony door.

With the alarm disabled, the thieves entered the museum and worked quickly, stripping paintings from their frames and absconding with the cubist female bust by Picasso, a 1949 gift to Greece in memory of World War II.

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