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January 19th, 2012 by in Images, Links

6 Fictional Places You Didn’t Know Actually Existed[Cracked]

11 Famous Movies Lines That Are Constantly Misquoted[11 Points]

40 People Who Think Facebook Is Google[BuzzFeed]

FBI Shuts down Megaupload, Charges 7 With Online Piracy – [WSJ]

The Federal Bureau of Investigation shut down Thursday one of the world’s most popular file-sharing websites, MegaUpload.com, and announced the arrest of four of the people behind it in a global crackdown against the suspected online pirates.

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The Story Behind the SOPA Blackout[Mother Jones]

The big studios took on Wall Street—which isn’t known for losing lobbying fights—and won. So this month, when all the big entertainment companies joined forces with Grover Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform and the US Chamber of Commerce, the nation’s foremost big business lobby, to fight for sweeping anti-piracy legislation, it was almost a foregone conclusion that they would get what they wanted.

Instead, Big Hollywood lost. Here’s how it happened.

Facebook Launches Open Graph With 60 New Partners – [Gizmodo]

What this means is the app-ification of your timeline. The new Open Graph tool will let developers plug into Facebook’s social graph so users can share actions they are taking on other sites. Right now, you can see that when, say, someone listens to a song on Spotify. But with 60 companies doing all kinds of different things, and now it being open to anyone, pretty much anything we do online is going to end up on Facebook. Yay?

Kodak Files For Bankruptcy Protection[All Things D]

Struggling camera maker Kodak said on Wednesday night that it has filed for Chapter 11 reorganization.

Kodak said it hopes to emerge from bankruptcy in 2013 and intends to conduct business during the restructuring using $950 million in financing from Citigroup. As part of the move, the company said it has named Dominic DiNapoli, vice chairman of FTI Consulting, as its Chief Restructuring Officer.

Clint Eastwood: Real Life Badass – [The Scuttlefish]

Clint Eastwood has been playing bad-asses in movies for his entire acting career, but I had no idea that he was a bad-ass in real life, too.

My friend Chris tipped me off to a pretty incredible story about Eastwood from when he was only 21 years old: the guy survived a plane crash at sea and swam a few miles to shore off the coast of Point Reyes, California, in freezing cold water that is a major breeding ground for great white sharks.