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January 25th, 2012 by in Images, Links

6 Hit Songs Written By the Last Person You’d Expect[Cracked]

#McDStories: McDonald’s’ Viral Marketing Disaster[Uproxx]

Con Artist Starred in Sting That Cost Google Millions[WSJ]

Wearing leg irons and guarded by federal agents, David Whitaker posed as an agent for online drug dealers in dozens of recorded phone calls and email exchanges with Google sales executives, spending $200,000 in government money for ads selling narcotics, steroids and other controlled substances.

Over four months in 2009, Mr. Whitaker, a federal prisoner and convicted con artist, was the lead actor in a government sting targeting Google Inc. that yielded one of the largest business forfeitures in U.S. history.

Why The ‘Check Engine’ Light Must Be Banned[Jalopnik]

It’s pretty easy to dismiss the “check engine” light as just stupid, because, well, it is. I suppose if you thought that the cause of smoke coming from under your hood had something to do with the floor mats, then, sure, the “check engine” light is handy, but beyond that, it’s useless. But that’s not the real problem. The real problem is that the “check engine” light is a tool for the propagation of consumer ignorance about their cars. Which is why it needs to die. Now.

If 2012 Oscar Nominated Film Posters Told The Truth[The Shiznit] (via)