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February 8th, 2012 by in Images, Links

6 Counterintuitive Tricks to Beating Popular Game Shows[Cracked]

Meme Alert: Doug Funnie Is Always Successful[BuzzFeed]

Roger Boisjoly, Engineer Who Tried To Halt Challenger Launch, Dies At 73 – [LA Times]

A little more than a minute after launch, flames shot out of the booster joint, melted through the nearby hydrogen fuel tank and ignited a fireball that was watched by the astronauts’ families and much of the nation on television. Boisjoly could not watch the launch, so certain was he that the shuttle would blow up. In the months and years that followed, the disaster changed his career and permanently poisoned his view that NASA could be trusted to make the right decisions when matters came to life and death.

Hackers Release Symantec Source Code After Failed $50K Extortion Attempt – [Wired]

Hackers with the Anonymous collective have released source code for Symantec’s pcAnywhere product after failing to secure $50,000 from the company in an extortion attempt.

A hacker going by the online name YamaTough published 1.27 GB of the source code on Pirate Bay Monday night after negotiations to extort money from someone he believed was a Symantec employee fell through. In reality, the Symantec “employee” was an undercover law enforcement agent who was using a fake Symantec email address to communicate with the hacker.

Avoiding Airline Baggage Fees[NY Times]

Let’s face it: Those dreaded airline fees are now as much a part of the traveling experience as long security lines. But that does not necessarily mean that passengers always have to pay them.

As the airlines come up with ever more inventive fees, travelers are figuring out creative ways to avoid them.

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