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As Many As 356 Killed In Honduras Prison Fire[AP]

A fire started by an inmate tore through an aging and severely overcrowded Honduran prison, burning and suffocating inmates in their locked cells and killing as many as 356 people in one of the world’s deadliest prison fires in a century, authorities said Wednesday.

The local governor, a former prison employee, told reporters that an inmate called her moments before the fire and said he was going to set the 1940s-era facility on fire and kill everyone inside.

Survivors told investigators that an unidentified inmate screamed “We will all die here!” as he lit fire to his bedding late Tuesday night in the prison in the central town of Comayagua. The lockup housed people convicted of serious crimes such as homicide and armed robbery.

Man Suffers Heart Attack At Heart Attack Grill[Fox 5 Vegas]

The Heart Attack Grill in downtown Las Vegas lived up to its name Saturday night, when a customer dining on a “triple bypass burger” suffered an apparent heart attack.

The gentleman who suffered the heart attack was in the middle of eating a Triple Bypass burger when he began experiencing the symptoms. Despite the clinical atmosphere, Basso is not actually a medical doctor, so he called 911. Paramedics and EMTs arrived in moments.

“The gentleman could barely talk,” said Basso. “He was sweating, suffering. Anyone with an ounce of compassion would’ve felt for him.”

Basso tells FOX5 he has heard the man is alive and recuperating. His name is still unknown.

Jim Gaffigan Will Release His Next Stand-Up Comedy Special Online[Uproxx]

Well you had to know that the enormous success of Louis C.K.’s online comedy special would inspire imitators. Comedian Jim Gaffigan, perhaps best known for his Hot Pockets material, announced on his website last night that he’ll be the next to go that route. According to Deadline, the special “will be taped in Washington DC on February 25, and is targeted for release in April.” Like Louis C.K., Gaffigan will sell his show for five bucks, with a dollar from every purchase going to a charity to aid wounded veterans and their families.

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