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The 5 Most Badass Tales of Wartime Survival[Cracked]

11 Horrifying (and Sometimes Sexy) Ingredients Hidden In Popular Foods[11 Points]

Yahoo Cuts 14 Percent Of Workforce; 2,000 Given Pink Slips – [TechCrunch]

Yahoo has made its massive round of layoffs official. The company just released a statement saying that 2,000 jobs have been cut, or 14 percent of it total workforce (which was previously around 14,000).

Yahoo says that it will save $375 million upon completion of the layoffs. The company currently expects $125 to $145 million in a pretax cash charge relating to employee severance packages.

80-Year-Old Woman Lands Plane After Husband Dies Mid-Flight – [NewsFeed]

Helen and John Collins, a Wisconsin couple married for more than half a century, were flying home from their winter home in Florida on April 2. John, an 81-year-old who flew hundreds of hours each year with his private pilot’s license, was at the helm of a Cessna twin-engine plane when he suddenly fell unconscious a few miles from their hometown. The couple’s son, James Collins, told the Associated Press on Tuesday that his 80-year-old mother, the only passenger, immediately knew his father was dead.

The Quietest Room in the World [TCB Mag] (via)

In 2005, the Guinness Book of World Records proclaimed the anechoic chamber at Orfield Laboratories in South Minneapolis the “Quietest Place on Earth.” The nation’s only certified anechoic chamber in an independent lab, it is a room within a room within a room; the innermost chamber is lined with 3.3-foot-thick fiberglass acoustic wedges and floats on I-beams and springs. Both inner rooms have double walls of insulated steel; the outside walls are foot-thick concrete. The background noise level is minus 9.4 decibels. In this room, even a dog is deaf to the world outside.

The total absence of sound outside your body makes you keenly aware of what’s going on inside your body. Your heart pumps. Your lungs inflate and deflate. Your ears buzz. Your blood pulses. In an anechoic chamber, you are one noisy organism. With no reverberation in the room, you have no spatial orientation cues. After about half an hour in the dark, you can become disoriented. Eventually, you might experience visual and aural hallucinations.

Earth Hour 2012 (Photos) – [The Big Picture]

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