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11 Secret Service Agents Get Security Clearances Revoked[CBS News]

The Secret Service has revoked the top secret security clearances for all 11 agents and officers accused of misconduct during a presidential mission to Colombia over the weekend.

The Secret Service personnel were sent back to the U.S. through Miami and interviewed in Washington regarding the alleged hiring of prostitutes and other misconduct. They have been placed on administrative leave and barred from entering Secret Service facilities worldwide.

Pippa Middleton Caught Up In Paris Gun-Wielding Incident [LA Times]

First it was Pippa Middleton’s buns, but now it’s a gun that’s got the eyes of the world trained on the sister of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

Pippa was photographed in Paris on Sunday in a car with with three male friends, the driver brandishing what appeared to be a semiautomatic pistol at a photographer allegedly shadowing their Audi on a moped, London’s the Sun reported. One of the images the pap’s camera caught? A look straight down the barrel, with Pippa riding — appropriately enough — shotgun.

Those pictures were allegedly turned over to Paris judicial police as part of a formal complaint that has been made, the Daily Mail reported, though a decision has not yet been made on whether to involve an examining magistrate.

The Richest, Fattest Nation on Earth (It’s Not the United States) – [The Atlantic]

Qatar is a tiny country with a big problem. This Connecticut-sized nation, sticking out like a loose tooth in the Persian Gulf, is one of the most obese nations in the world, with residents fatter, on average, than even those of the United States, which often takes the cake in such competitions.

According to recent studies, roughly half of adults and a third of children in Qatar are obese, and almost 17 percent of the native population suffers from diabetes. By comparison, about a third of Americans are obese, and eight percent are diabetic. Qatar also has very high rates of birth defects and genetic disorders — problems that, along with the prevalence of obesity (PDF)¬†and diabetes, have worsened in recent decades, according to local and international health experts.

Waxy.org Turns 10 (Congrats) – [Waxy]

The decision to start writing here regularly changed my entire life. It’s given me exposure, a place to share my projects and crazy experimentation with technology. It’s created new opportunities for me, directly or indirectly responsible for every major project I’ve gotten involved in. It’s a place to play and experiment with ideas, some of which led to big breakthroughs and passions. And it connected me to people who cared about the things I did, many of whom became lifelong friends.

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