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May 14th, 2012 by in Images, Links

The 5 Ballsiest Casino Cheats of All Time – [Cracked]

Pick A Movie, Remove One Letter, Give A Brief Description – [Reddit]

Pollo 13 – The gripping true story of a Spanish chicken stranded in space and NASA’s unrelenting effort to bring him safely home.

Drug Doubles: What Actors Actually Toke, Smoke and Snort on Camera[Wired]

Movie sets are drug-free environments, at least in theory. Even if an actor is playing a tie-dye-wearing burnout whose best friend is a honey-bear bong, puffing the real thing is strictly verboten. (We’ll refrain from speculating about what happens in the trailer.)

So what do actors actually toke—or snort or shoot or huff—on camera? That depends upon their characters’ drug of choice.

Billion Dollar New Mexico Ghost Town To Be Prototype “Smart City”[Geekosystem]

We all want self-driving cars, smart traffic systems, and more awesomely automated things of all kinds. Of course, before we can really use or implement any of these things, we have to test them. A lot. The more useful and awesome automation is going to be, the more dangerous it might be if it goes wrong. Google has already had some issues finding a way to legally test their self-driving cars. Fortunately, there will soon be a place for all that. The city of Hobbs in New Mexico is going to be the site of a billion dollar ghost town, where automation can run its course without risking the lives of any citizens.

Reddit Users Surprise Terminally Ill Man With Random Acts of Kindness – [Mashable]

Scott Widak and his family recently received the greatest gift anyone in their situation could receive — a viral act of encouragement and kindness from complete strangers. Widak, 47, has Down syndrome and is terminally ill with liver disease. After frequently checking in and out of the hospital, Widak is now at home with his 85-year-old mother, who’s helping with his in-home hospice care.

To cope with such a challenging situation, Widak’s nephew, Sean O’Connor, turned to the Reddit community to see if anyone would be interested in sending a letter to his uncle.

“One of my uncle’s favorite things to do is open mail, and I thought that if he got a lot of mail it would cheer him up,” says O’Connor.

Following the post, Widak received hundreds of letters from all over the world, including the United States, Sweden, Finland, Australia, Japan, the United Kingdom and Mexico. According to O’Connor, there is still mail coming in.

Did You Know? Kodak Park Had A Nuclear Reactor[Democrat & Chronicle]

For more than 30 years, Kodak Park was home to a little-known underground labyrinth containing a small nuclear research reactor, one of the few of its kind in the world. It wasn’t a power plant, and carried no risk of explosion. Nothing ever leaked. Eastman Kodak Co. officials say the research device was perfectly safe.

Still, the reactor was locked down, remotely surveilled and tightly regulated — mainly because it contained 3½ pounds of highly enriched uranium. That’s the material that nuclear bombs are made of. Terrorists covet it.

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