Second grader Sean King dresses up as Martin Luther King Jr. (including black face paint) for a school project, gets judged by the color of his skin, content of his character completely ignored:

“They thought it was inappropriate and it will be disrespectful to black people and I say it’s not. I like black people. It’s just a costume and I don’t want to insult anybody,” said Sean.

A member of the school’s PTA, who was also a parent participating in the class project, said a group of parents inside the classroom agreed that it was ridiculous for the school to ask Sean to wash his face.

“I’ve never seen anything like this happen before. I’ve always been extremely proud of the school and where we live. I have two boys here. I’m extremely disappointed. If my own son, who is blonde, was chosen to do Martin Luther King, Jr., I would have gotten him a black wig and painted his face too,” said Pam Page.