The Datable

July 9th, 2012 by in Links

6 Degrees of Separation with your single Facebook friends. Here’s how it works.

1. Create your profile with Facebook import

No questionnaires or essays. First names only. Revealing age is optional. Privacy settings to limit who can see your profile.

2. Tag single Facebook friends as datable

Browse your friends list and click to tag eligible ones as datable. They become your 1st degree datable friends. People they tag become 2nd degree datable friends etc. Private Facebook notifications.

3. Grow your dating circle & meet new people

If you tag 50 datable singles and they tag 50, you’ll have access to 2500 datable singles within just two degrees of separation.

4. Get your non-single friends to play wing

Your non-single friends know single people. Tag them as Wings so they’ll tag their single friends and hook them up with each other.

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