Aymann Ismail was near Rabaa Al-Adawiya Square before the recent violence that has resulted in the death of more than 500 people. While there, he snapped this shot of “what it looks like just before the Muslim Brotherhood jumps you” for ANIMAL New York:

I’m snapping away. I’m stepping closer. The photos are getting better. I have permission. I’m cool… Until he turns around. “Why are you taking pictures of me?!” he yells. Before I have time to think, he lunges at me, spray-can aimed.

I swing my camera down, cradling it like a football. He’s aiming for the camera, but he’s spraying my neck and face. Next thing I know, twenty people surround me. Hands on my arms, on my legs, around my neck. They’re trying to tear me apart.

The tagger has me in a headlock, so I have my camera in a headlock too. “Erase the pictures, erase the pictures right NOW,” he screams in Arabic. It hit me then that I was fucked. I did exactly what my family told not to do and exactly what they warned me about was now happening. Worse yet, I know how this story ends.

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