Coffee Break

November 12th, 2013 by in Links

Read: Occupy Wall Street activists buy $15m of American medical debt for $400k and writes it off.

Read: The Most Embarrassing Plane-Pooping Story Ever (Thanks Pri.)

Read: Don’t Turn Your Back On A Jealous Cokehead: A Mike Tyson Life Lesson

Read: Anchorman 2‘s Ridiculous Day of Filming in San Diego:

The best part about watching this scene unfold over the course of the afternoon is to see how the comedy of Ferrell and McCay is created. They start with one or two funny jokes, then continue to try new things with each subsequent take. McKay, watching a monitor, yells lines at the actor through a megaphone. Or sometimes Ferrell just rattles them off. Normally, with each take, things get funnier and crazier, and the development ends in insanity. Anchorman 2 wasn’t just created; it evolved.

Read: A Non Sports Fan’s Guide to the Racist Abuse Scandal Consuming the NFL

Read: Amazon and USPS will begin to deliver on Sundays to select markets.

Read: 6 Insane Sex Myths People Used to Teach as Facts

Read: AskReddit: Sex-Ed teachers, what is the craziest misconception you have cleared up?

Look: The Big Picture: Typhoon Haiyan

Listen: Action Bronson x Party Supplies – Blue Chips 2 (It’s pretty great.)

Above: Superhero Part Time Jobs, by Chow How Lam.