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December 17th, 2013 by in Links

Read: China lands its Jade Rabbit robot rover onto the moon, making it the first lunar landing in 4 decades.

Read: Shia LaBeouf apologizes for plagiarizing his latest short film with a plagiarized apology.

Read: The NSA: An Inside View

Read: The Wall Street Journal profiles Gawker’s Neetzan Zimmerman.

Mr. Zimmerman is a 32-year-old editor at the news-and entertainment site Gawker, where he’s responsible for posting “viral” content—videos, photos, crazy local news stories—that readers can’t resist sharing with everyone they know. “Mom Fined $140 Every Day Until She Circumcises Her Child” or “Black Man Arrested Dozens of Times for ‘Trespassing’ While At Work.” With his posts generating more than 30 million page views a month, Mr. Zimmerman may be the most popular blogger working on the Web today.

Read: The second-most shared website in the world is run by one guy.

Read: 5 Authority Figures No One Realized Were Con Artists

Look: 2013 Year In Pictures: Part 1

Pic: Here’s To 2013, by Mario Zucca