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Paul Bissonnette Just Stepped-Up The Ice Bucket Challenge

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Those videos flooding Facebook of people dumping ice water on themselves to raise awareness for ALS have resulted in a 1000% spike in donations compared to this time last year.

Professional hockey player Paul Bissonnette’s acceptance video is 1000% better than all of those videos.

Bradley Friesen

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J’adore Paris

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Paul Richardson made this timelapse video of the City of Light using over 40,000 images and 400 hours of work, or 2.5 hours of work per second of footage.

Paul Richardson via Reddit

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Robin Williams (1951-2014)

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Conan O’Brien breaks the news to his live audience below.

Image: Disney Movie Rewards via Reddit

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How Last Season’s The Walking Dead Finale Should Have Ended

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It’s the zombie apocalypse, Rick. You’re allowed to curse.

YPSS via The Mary Sue

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Chris Pratt’s “Forgot About Dre” Performance With The Actual Music

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Yesterday, Chris Pratt revealed on DJ Whoo Kid that back in the day he listened to The Chronic 2001 every day while smoking weed and living in a van in Maui, and proved it by performing Eminem’s verse from “Forgot About Dre.”

Today, Redditor/YouTuber TreyTech threw the actual music over the performance.


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The Worst Pain Known To Man

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Hamish tries his…hand… at an Amazon tribe’s coming-of-age ritual: Bullet Ant gloves. The Bullet Ant’s sting is the highest on The Schmidt Sting Pain Index, resulting in the worst pain a human is capable of experiencing.

Hamish & Andy via Reddit

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Marvel Studios: A Retrospective

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With Guardians of the Galaxy smashing August box office records, Marvel looks back at its impressive cinematic history.

Marvel UK via Devour

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John Oliver On Native Advertising

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“Ads are baked into content like chocolate chips into a cookie, except it’s actually more like raisins into a cookie because no one fucking wants them there.”

Last Week Tonight

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Amazing 3-Year-Old Drummer Performs With A Full Orchestra, Caps It Off With A Drum Solo

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3-year-old Lyonya Shilovsky performs the Galop Infernal (the “Can-Can”) from Act 2, Scene 2 of Jacques Offenbach’s Orpheus in the Underworld with the Novosibirsk Symphony Orchestra.

via 22 Words

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