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Lil Dicky Ft. Brendon Urie – Molly (Video) (5:37)

by 21 days ago. Contribute

LD takes us on a feels trip in the latest video from Professional Rapper.

Lil Dicky | Previously: $ave Dat Money

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Pixar: What Makes a Story Relatable (5:16)

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A quick look at Pixar’s approach to storytelling and character development.

Kaptain Kristian

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Dan Bull – Fuck Everything (5:32)

by 27 days ago. Contribute

Fuck this video.

Dan Bull

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You Are Two (4:57) | What Are You? (6:27)

by 1 month, 0 days ago Contribute

A two-part look at the mental and physical “you” by CGP Grey and Kurzgesagt.

CGP Grey | Kurzgesagt

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Get in the Boat! (0:21)

by 1 month, 6 days ago Contribute

Thanks to his animator dad, Action Movie Kid continues to live the life you only imagined.

Action Movie Kid

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Calvin & Hobbes – Art Before Commerce (6:21)

by 1 month, 7 days ago Contribute

Another fantastic video by KaptainKristian looking at the brilliance of Calvin & Hobbes.


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