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Detroit Vs. Everybody (Video)

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Eminem, Royce da 5’9″, Big Sean, Danny Brown, Dej Loaf, and Trick Trick get on camera for their collaborative effort from SHADYXV.


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If Your Girlfriend Was Actually Crazy

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“Chicks, man…”


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Conan & Archer Battle Russian Mobsters

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Super spy Sterling Archer forgoes an interview with Conan and brings him to work instead.

Team Coco

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Watch This Fantastic 44-Minute, Fan-Made Album Video For J Dilla’s Donuts

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An impressive visual amalgamation of performances, sampled video, and related imagery to accompany the entirety of Jay Dee’s classic album. Enjoy the video as one massive piece, or watch the tracks separately here.

Houston Loves J Dilla | Thanks Herb.

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I Am A Whittier Teacher

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Erika Thompson describers her life in Whittier, Alaska, a town where most people live and work in one building, and is only accessible by a miles-long tunnel with limited hours.

Indie Alaska

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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: The “Goddamn It” Supercut

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Every single “goddamn it” from the first nine seasons of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, in order for your viewing pleasure.

Rat King via Reddit

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Coffee Break

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Silk Road Trial Bombshell: Former Mt. Gox CEO Implicated As Kingpin

“Ship Your Enemies Glitter” Overrun With Orders: “You guys have a sick fascination with shipping people glitter.”

The 2015 Oscar Nominations

If the 2014 Oscar Nominees’ Posters Told The Truth (Gallery)

6 Tiny Paperwork Screw-Ups That Ruined Random People’s Lives

22 Martin Luther King Jr. Facts That You (Probably) Didn’t Know

Ask Reddit: What Do Insanely Poor People Buy, That Ordinary People Know Nothing About?

The Big Picture: Unity Rallies for France Terror Victims

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