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Marilyn Mosby Charges 6 Officers With The Death of Freddie Gray

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35-year-old Marilyn Mosby, the state’s attorney for the city of Baltimore, lives up to her campaign promise to hold police officers accountable by announcing criminal charges against all 6 police officers involved in the arrest (and death of) Freddie Gray.

Mosby, who comes from 5 generations of law enforcement, is the youngest top prosecutor in any major American city.

Best part of the post-statement interview:

Reporter: What will prevent another Freddie Gray?
Marilyn Mosby: Accountability.
Reporter:There hasn’t been any for so long.
Marilyn Mosby: You’re getting it today.

The Baltimore Sun

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Las Vegas Isn’t Las Vegas

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What happens in Paradise, stays in Paradise.

CGP Grey

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Reflections From Uyuni

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A time-lapse short film of the world’s largest salt flat, by Enrique Pacheco.

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Antarctica Is Beautiful

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16 days in the Antarctic, filmed by Kalle Ljung.

via Gizmodo

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Uber Launches Their Food Delivery Service: UberEATS

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Claiming “tap to table in minutes,” Uber has launched their new food delivery service within the Uber app if you live in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Barcelona.

See the current menus and pricing here.

Uber via Laughing Squid

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William H. Macy: Cinema’s Number One Loser

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Made by Oliver Noble for PCJa4oHuffPost.

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True Wetsuits: Quiksilver’s Wetsuit Designed to Look Like An Actual Suit

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Made from jersey neoprene and a stretchy “dryflight” fabric, tie included.

Available for $2,500 in black, navy and tuxedo.

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Louis C.K. – If Murder Was Legal

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From Louie’s 2013 HBO Special, Oh My God.

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