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Skydiver’s Close Call With A Falling Meteorite Caught On Camera

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Back in the summer of 2012, skydiver and wingsuit flyer Anders Helstrup and several other members of Oslo Parachute Club jumped from a small plane above Hedmark, Norway. After deploying his parachute, Helstrup stated that he felt “something” happen while on the way down that he happened to capture on his helmet cam.

That “something” was a small meteorite plummeting to Earth, and his video is the first time in history that a meteorite has been filmed in the air after it’s finished burning, or “dark flight.”

While Helstrup is still skeptical, experts like geologist Hans Amundsen agree that due to its shape, it “can’t be anything else.”

NRK via Kottke

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How To Tell If You’re A Basic Bitch

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“Here you are at a Halloween party four years ago dressed as a slutty nurse. That’s some unoriginal ratchet shit right there.”

College Humor

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Magic For Dogs: Part 2

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Jose Ahonen | Previously: Part 1

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The Wolf of BuzzFeed

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…and just like that, Half Day Today! wins the Wolf of Wall Street parodies.

Half Day Today! via The Daily Dot

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Honest Trailers: Game of Thrones

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All men continue to die April 6th.

Screen Junkies | See Also: The Game of Thrones Parody Album

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Google Maps Announces The Pokémon Challenge

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Google got on the April Fools train early…

Google Maps

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Mike Tyson: Street Fighter

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Mike Tyson highlights get the M.Bison/Balrog sound effects they deserve.


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Sir Anthony Hopkins – And The Waltz Goes On

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On November 7, 1964, Sir Anthony Hopkins composed a waltz in the green room of the Liverpool Playhouse. In the video above, he hears it performed for the first time in public by world-renowned violinist and conductor André Rieu at the Belvedere.

André Rieu via Reddit

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