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TrustoCorp: Bank-Themed Banksy Signs

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ANIMAL tags along with TrustoCorp as they put their “Citibanksy” and “Banksy of America” signs up in Williamsburg and the East Village.

“We love Banksy and love seeing his work go up in our hometown, but we can’t help but notice the irony of a multimillionaire doing rebellious street art,” TrustoCorp tells ANIMAL. “But hey, this is America and maybe we can be millionaire rebels one day too!”

ANIMAL NY | Previously: Fame In Los Angeles

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Banksy: Sirens of the Lambs

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Banksy sends a “Farm Fresh Meats” truck with squealing stuffed lambs around the Meatpacking District.

The stunt is the latest piece in Banksy’s month-long “residency” on the streets of New York, Better Out Than In.

BanksyNY | Previously

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Banksy In Greenpoint

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Banksy’s run through the streets of New York (and YouTube) continues.

Keep up at Banksy NY.

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Banksy: Rebel Rocket Attack

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Awesome. RIP, Dumbo.

BanksyNY | Previously: This Is My New York Accent

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Claire and Maxime of Menilmonde give us an eerie glimpse into an unoccupied Paris.

Claire & Max | Gizmodo

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This Is My New York Accent

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Despite the rapid alteration and buffing of his first piece, Bansky’s run through the streets of New York continues. This piece is located on 25th Street between 10th and 11th Avenues.

Bansky NY

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Banksy’s Latest Show Will Be Displayed Around The Streets of New York

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Banksy has officially announced that he will be spending the next month attempting to host an entire show (“Better Out Than In“) on the streets of New York. The first piece (above: “The Street Is In Play”) has shown up on the east side of Allen by Canal in Chinatown.

An audio guide accompanies each “exhibit” via cell phone (1-800-656-4271 #1) as an additional shot at traditional gallery shows.

To keep track of the show as it goes along, head over to Banksy NY.

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