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Get Ready To Feel Really Smart

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I have a feeling H0ttndanger0us didn't watch this video ...and even if she did, I still don't think she'd get it. Headphones. Sigh. Via
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Kids Write The Darndest Break-Up Letters

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Maybe they're older? I can't decide which would be worse. Via

An Interview With Cecilia Cassini

by 6 years, 11 months ago 3 Responses
10-year-old "fashion designer"/walking, talking advertisement for birth control. Via
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Leave Justin Bieber Alone, You Guys.

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Fuck gun control.  What his country needs is some serious webcam control.  A five-day waiting period should be required so you can work out your sad feelings about some anonymous trolls making fun of your favorite singer before you assault my senses with your whiny bullshit. Via
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