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Asher Roth – The World Is Not Enough (Video)

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Just as dope as his live performance on Sway In The Morning.

RetroHash drops April 22nd.

Complex | h/t: 2DBZ

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The Many Accents of the British Isles

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Dialect coach Andrew Jack takes you on a seamless tour of the many different accents that can be found in the UK, Ireland, and Scotland.

Phillip Barker via The Daily Dot

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AT&True Detective: Bigger

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Ross Marquand returns as Rust Cohle in another parody of AT&T’s “It’s Not Complicated” ads.

Ross Marquand

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22 Jump Street Final Red Band Trailer

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Today I learned Jonah Hill’s Chicano accent is pretty fucking spot-on.

22 Jump Street hits theaters June 13th.


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The Racial Preferences of OKCupid Users

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BuzzFeed Yellow walks you through the racial biases of one of the biggest dating sites/apps.

BuzzFeed Yellow

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Thank You For Vaping

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The New Yorker looks into e-cigarette culture.

In New York City, in the evenings, “vapers,” as they’re called, gather around a long table in the back of the Henley Vaporium, on the border of Nolita and SoHo, to discuss liquid-nicotine flavors (“Have you tried the new custard?”) and to “rebuild” their e-cigs. The first time I passed the Vaporium’s cloudy windows, I peered inside to see beyond the smoke. “Welcome,” a young, bearded man offered, as I sat down next to him at the table in the back. The video above is a glimpse into that world.

The New Yorker

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Groundbreaking Spinal Cord Implant Revives Paralyzed Legs

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Exciting news from New Scientist:

They can’t quite walk. Yet. But four wheelchair-bound men who until recently were completely paralysed below the waist can now move their legs and toes and even lift up to 100 kilograms with their legs. Their spinal cords have been reawakened by electrical implants that revive the flow of information between limbs and brain. Such feats would previously have been unthinkable in people with spinal cord injuries.

Since New Scientist reported the breakthrough in 2012, the four men have continued to improve their strength, precision and range of movement. “We’ve not seen a plateau in their performance yet,” says Angeli. One of the men, Drew Meas, says he can stand without his stimulator. “I’m going for full walking again, that’s my motto,” he says.

Read on here.

New Scientist

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Every On-Screen Death In Game Of Thrones

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All 5,179 of them.


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Bradley Cooper Is Pissed About The How I Met Your Mother Finale

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Bradley Cooper’s rant from The Silver Linings Playbook falls in line with a lot of fan reactions to the season finale of the nine-season story.

Spoilers, but if you’re on the internet the week after it aired and you’re still trying to avoid spoilers you deserve to have it spoiled.

HouseBrownester via Reddit

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