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John Oliver Interviews Edward Snowden

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John Oliver ends his segment on government surveillance with a surprise interview with Edward Snowden.

Last Week Tonight

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Bighead Jurrasic Park

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Lowcarbcomedy addresses just how useless Tim was during the velociraptor attack.

Zoran Gvojic

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Kendrick Lamar – King Kunta (Video)

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K.Dot heads to the Compton Swap Meet for “King Kunta.”

The critically acclaimed To Pimp A Butterfly is out now.


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“You’re Looking At the King of Dublin!”

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Conor McGregor snatches Jose Aldo’s belt in front of an enthusiastic home crowd.

The two square off July 11th at UFC 189 in Vegas.

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Jason Leech – Time

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Ronald Jenkees is my musical inspiration–here’s my own twist.”


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Hands Up. Don’t Shoot.

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A heartbreaking photo of a 4-year-old Syrian girl, Hudea, “surrendering” to Turkish photographer Osman Sağırlı when she mistook his telephoto lens for a weapon.

BBC Trending spoke to Sağırlı – now working in Tanzania – to confirm the origins of the picture. The child is in fact not a boy, but a four-year-old girl, Hudea. The image was taken at the Atmeh refugee camp in Syria, in December last year. She travelled to the camp – near the Turkish border – with her mother and two siblings. It is some 150 km from their home in Hama.

“I was using a telephoto lens, and she thought it was a weapon,” says Sağırlı. “İ realised she was terrified after I took it, and looked at the picture, because she bit her lips and raised her hands. Normally kids run away, hide their faces or smile when they see a camera.” He says he finds pictures of children in the camps particularly revealing. “You know there are displaced people in the camps. It makes more sense to see what they have suffered not through adults, but through children. It is the children who reflect the feelings with their innocence.”

BBC via PetaPixel

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SNL: WWE Promo Shoot

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The Rock did a pretty damn good job on SNL this weekend.

Saturday Night Live

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SPECTRE Teaser Trailer

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Bond is back November 6th.

A cryptic message from Bond’s past sends him on a trail to uncover a sinister organisation. While M battles political forces to keep the secret service alive, Bond peels back the layers of deceit to reveal the terrible truth behind SPECTRE.

James Bond 007

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Living In The Hidden Tunnels of Las Vegas

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Matthew O’Brien takes a look at the community of homeless people that live in the flood channel tunnels beneath Sin City.

Seeker Stories via Laughing Squid

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