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Ultimate Gun Game

by 29 days ago. Contribute

The Corridor Digital gang runs through some of the best weapons from first-person shooters.

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A Brief History of the Royal Family

by 1 month, 4 days ago Contribute

With Queen Elizabeth II making history today as the longest reigning UK monarch, CGP Grey gives a quick look into the history of the British Royal Family.

CGP Grey

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Hell’s Club

by 1 month, 5 days ago Contribute

Antonio Marco Da Silva brilliantly blends a bunch of club scenes from cinematic history into Hell’s Club, “a place where all fictional characters meet.”

AMDS Films via r/videos

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Dude Decent > Dude Perfect

by 1 month, 17 days ago Contribute

They may not hit as many of their shots as the Dude Perfect guys, but they’re equally retardedly overexcited about them.

Vat19 via BroBible

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The Karate Kid: Daniel is the REAL Bully

by 1 month, 20 days ago Contribute

Wake up, sheeple.

J. Matthew Turner via r/videos

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Banksy: Dismaland

by 1 month, 23 days ago Contribute

Banksy has turned a closed seaside swimming resort in Weston-super-Mare, UK into the most dismal place on Earth.

The show, which already has lines and people scrambling for tickets, will run for the next 6 weeks.

Updated with Banksy’s official video.

Channel 4 News

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Uber Driver Gets His Passengers To Dance To The Weeknd

by 1 month, 24 days ago Contribute

A compilation of passengers dancing to The Weeknd’s “Can’t Feel My Face” while riding in Jonathan Gaurano’s Uber.

Do GOOD Jonathan

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Subway’s “Jared’s Pants” Kid’s Game Just Got (Even More) Creepy

by 1 month, 25 days ago Contribute


“Kids can play the Jared’s Pants Dance game” took on a whole new meaning this week with the news that ex-Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle will plead guilty to paying for sex with minors. Despite the fact that Subway and his wife have severed all ties, this ironic little artifact still remains for the time being.

Update: It’s down. But nothing is ever truly gone from the internet.

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John Oliver on Televangelists

by 1 month, 27 days ago Contribute

Good lord.

Last Week Tonight

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