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How To Fold A Pocket Square

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Mr. Porter and Drake’s of London show you the four main ways to properly fold a pocket square.

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This Is How We Do It (Flowchart)

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Montell Jordan’s 1995 hit gets the visualization it’s always deserved.

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Game of Frozen

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Frozen clips mashed up with the audio from the season four trailer from Game of Thrones, by CutPrintFilm.

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The Legend of Ball Handles

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Nike commercials have gotten weird.

David So Comedy

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Rufus: The Anti-Pigeon Wimbledon Hawk

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Rufus the Harris Hawk has been keeping pigeons from the grounds of Wimbledon since 2000. His handler, Imogen, is currently doing an Ask Me Anything on Reddit.

Stella Artois via Reddit

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Realistic Garfield

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Jon Arbuckle probably shouldn’t have pets…

Pete Holmes

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