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NYT x JAY Z: A History of the War on Drugs (3:58)

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Ex-drug dealer Sean Carter explains how “the War on Drugs is an epic fail.”

New York Times

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How Was Burning Man? (3:57)

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There are a lot of these conversations going on this week.

Kevin Oeser

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Kanye Deconstructed: The Human Voice as the Ultimate Instrument (8:50)

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Vox examines how Kanye West’s music orbits around the power and flexibility of the human voice.


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The Simple Solution to Traffic (5:13)

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CGP Grey explains how sensible driving and driver cooperation can be the remedy to traffic problems.

CGP Grey

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Bugs Bunny: The Origins of an American Icon (6:01)

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Kaptain Kristian provides a quick look at the history of America’s most influential bunny.


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Inside the Lives of Hollywood Paparazzi (10:26)

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What it takes to be a piece of shit.

Elite Daily

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Danny McBride and Walton Goggins Ruin All-American Icons (2:27)

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In case you’re missing it, these two are making magic on HBO’s Vice Principals.


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Gary Payton and Glen Rice Get Their Minds Blown By Jordan Kilganon (4:02)

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Professional dunker Jordan Kilganon puts on a clinic in Rio.


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A Brief History of Sriracha (1:19)

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The humble beginnings of Rooster Sauce.

New York Magazine

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